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Industrial Designer Internship - Paid at STEL

The Opportunity

You are an independently-minded, creative person with a passion – a need – to design.

You searched high and low for the perfect summer internship but came up short because you were determined to find the perfect fit.

You’re trying to find a balanced workplace where you can exercise all of your well-developed skills, your bright ideas, your keen eye for form, and your sense of humor, all at the same time. Don’t forget you might mention you have amazing taste in music. Seriously, nobody has better taste in music than you do.

You love California and can’t imagine spending your internship anywhere else.

Your sketching skills are outstanding, but you’re too down-to-earth to think anything of it. You leave your ego at home, even when you’re doing some insane Keyshot renderings of the most beautiful form you’ve ever built in SolidWorks (a must), but maybe Rhino too. You enjoy collaboration and know that it’s all about making the product better.

You like small teams because you get to wear a lot of hats.

You have a tight portfolio. You’ve built it using a bunch of expensive Adobe products. It features all of your best problem-solving skills and elegant solutions, all drawn up digitally in Sketchbook Pro or Photoshop. The portfolio shows your background research, your thought process, your experimentation, your failures, and how you arrived at your final design. An awesome design with PROCESS shown. Yes, it’s true – we like to see how you think.

You can’t wait to see where this journey takes you. Don’t forget to send your resume along too, because you’re pretty proud of the experience you’ve gained so far.

You’re curious – that’s part of the reason you’re such a good designer. It’s why you’re here right now to start a new adventure with STEL, LLC.


You will have the opportunity to work and learn side by side with our lead designers, refining your rendering skills and creating work that you can add to your portfolio. We would prefer a minimum of a 3-month commitment, however, if you can only commit to a shorter time we encourage you to still send your stuff, as we will be more than happy to accommodate for the ideal candidate.


Goleta, CA, USA

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