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JOSEPH JOSEPH - Freelance Designers (Soft / Textile) at JOSEPH JOSEPH

The Opportunity

Joseph Joseph are recognised as market leaders in contemporary housewares. Since 2003, products
such as Chop2Pot, Index, Nest and Elevate have helped establish the company as one of the fastest
growing companies in the worldwide homewares market.

We identify everyday problems and solve them through intelligent design to create distinctive, useful
products that are a pleasure to own and use.

Our aim is to create products that always have a functional improvement over the competition and
offer a genuine point of difference within the marketplace. With every product we launch we combine
this unique selling point with a purely functional aesthetic to create desirable products which people
want to interact with and own.

We are looking for freelancers with experience in soft / textile (bags, suitcases…) and/or textile thermoforming.
We are based in London (Southwark) so London based designers is a plus but not restricted to.

Please drop us a line with you portfolio and we will arrange to meet you by Skype or on site.


London, UK

Email subject: "leManoosh - JOSEPH JOSEPH - Freelance Designers (Soft / Textile)"

To: [email protected]