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KILO - Industrial design Interns at KILO

The Opportunity

Kilo is looking for dedicated and talented interns to join our product design team.
The internship period is August 2015 + 6 month.
Applications should be send no later than 1st of June 2015.

Design to us is alchemy and evolution. It’s a mix of the right ingredients for the right purpose – survival of the fittest in process, a deep understanding of the brands we work with and a serious amount of love and hours spend in search of the perfect solutions for our clients.

You should be
Talented, enthusiastic with an eager to explore and highly motivated.
Preferably BFA in product design / Industrial design with excellent design skills and high level performance in Solid Works & Adobe creative suit.
Passionate about design, humans, solutions, brands, life, relations, ideas, tech, analog and be super-efficient from 9-5

You will be
As member of the Kilo design team you will working with a variety of projects and clients exploring all levels of design development from idea to final product.


Valby, Denmark

Email subject: "leManoosh - KILO - Industrial design Interns"

To: [email protected]