Product Design Internship at KISKA

The Opportunity

“I’m pretty sure getting started as a designer here isn’t like
 anywhere else. Leads trust you to take on a big role in ideation and
 realisation right away.” 

Julien, junior designer

You could do an internship at a typical
 industrial design firm, but you want something different! Something that
 makes you think differently and consider the bigger picture. The
 brand-oriented nature of product design at KISKA means that every day is
a big picture day. And, the rapid nature of our projects means every
sketch counts.

During your internship you’ll be deeply 
involved in design programs with the chance to chip in on innovation 
projects for a range of global brands. To do this, you’ll support your
 team throughout the entire process and absolutely be given the chance to
 influence us with your own ideas too.

To make the most of this experience you’ll need:
• Motivation to make the most of your internship experience, like
 gaining insights into the design process and studio life and getting 
involved in #lifeatkiska – including team breakfasts, lunchtime powder
 runs, mountain bike rides after work and more!
• To be a design student, or recent graduate, in industrial/product design.
• An open mind, as well as a willingness to work across different creative fields to challenge status-quo ideas.
• Fluency in English.

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Salzburg, Austria

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