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The Opportunity

Use all your skills and experience as a designer and a leader to create impactful brand experience through product design.

Lead your project team and enjoy the inspiring collaboration with KISKA´s friendly professionals, like brand and research experts, interaction designers, prototype, engineers and many more. Benefit from this infrastructure to let your ideas and designs come to life.

\"I’ve never found a similar place, where you can work on so many different high-profile brands and unique products. It’s an environment where great things happen.\"

Nils Radau, Design Director


  • Assessing the client brief and translating into a creative brief.
  • Driving design quality by leading a project team and with hands-on design work.
  • Embracing innovation, new trends in lifestyle, technology and design as a base to create an on-point brand experience for our clients.
  • Creating a cooperative and inspiring environment that provides designers clear direction in terms of projects and skills development.


  • Five or more years experience in product design.
  • Creative direction and design judgement for cutting edge on brand design.
  • Ability to push creative boundaries and at the same time being able to stay realistic.
  • Extensive experience in a user-centered design approach, excellent understanding and ability to create user journeys and driving promising design opportunities.

KISKA is also an equal opportunity employer. It’s a no-brainer, but important to mention.


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