Product Designer at Innovia Technology Ltd

The Opportunity


Based in Cambridge, Innovia Technology is looking for an Innovation Consultant with a background in Product Design with 1-3 years of experience to join our rapidly growing team of innovation consultants.

Job Description:

Based in Cambridge, Innovia Technology is looking for a Product Designer with 1-3 years of experience to join our rapidly growing team of innovation consultants.

The Company

Innovia Technology specialises in breakthrough innovation and new business development for leading companies such as Procter & Gamble, Shell, Boeing, Jaguar Land Rover, Pepsi and Kraft. Working at the front end of innovation, we integrate the best thinking in technology, design, consumer insight and manufacturing to create exciting new products and services for our clients.

Innovia is an exciting workplace for designers – the diversity of projects gives opportunities to be involved in the creation and development of medical devices, transportation, point-of-sale, packaging, apparel, home appliances and consumer electronics to name but a few! Innovia’s client project teams mix designers with other innovation experts including behavioural scientists, engineers, business developers and PhD-level scientists, giving designers opportunities to catapult their thinking and concepts into breakthrough innovations. Designers play a key role in these teams to translate consumer behaviour into compelling new products that consumers will love, and to work with scientists and engineers to make them real.

People are the key to our success and we appreciate and reward everyone's contribution. Not only do we recognise expertise, skills and professionalism, we value highly the things that make them unique: their passion, their dedication, their approachability and that going the extra mile is second nature.

Design at Innovia is likely to involve:

  • Responsibility for bringing design skills to innovation challenges 
  • Working in a multi-disciplinary team on diverse projects 
  • Coming up with ideas and strategies to solve a range of briefs 
  • Bringing ideas to life through sketching, sketch model-making and CAD 
  • Helping to create videos and simple animations to show concepts 
  • Helping to create presentations for clients and communicating deliverables 
  • Supporting project delivery  
  • Supporting Innovia’s sales and marketing teams with designed media 

What we look for:

  • A good degree in Design  
  • Thoughtful structured design process 
  • Awareness of business and strategy 
  • Project management capabilities 
  • Creativity across a range of industries  
  • Exceptional sketching, visualisation and 3D skills 
  • Experience in putting together short videos and/or animation 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills 


Cambridge, UK

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