Product/Industrial Design internship placement - GRASSHOPPER at Sruli Recht

The Opportunity


An internship can be challenging and fulfilling.

And you can do strange, unexpected things that are difficult and new and tax the very nature of your purpose… and aren’t designed strictly for social media profile building. 

This is one. 

It is best suited for students or graduates with a background in Product/Industrial Design or Fashion/ Accessory Design and want to be in an R&D atelier in Amsterdam… working on things that are hard to describe with words, but cause emotional reactions. 

This hands-on position calls for candidates with a high level of inventiveness and technical aptitude, and a strong interest in narrative, materials, design and biology. 

Please send your CV and link to a digital/web folio to the address below.

Successful applicants will be contacted and a full work task list will be discussed with potential candidates via email or video interview.


Amsterdam, Netherlands google maps

Email subject: "leManoosh - Product/Industrial Design internship placement - GRASSHOPPER"