Project Lead Design at

The Opportunity

General description

Bring powerful viable, feasible and desirable design to insure your customer success.

Manage, plan and ensure the quality of projects and the clear communication to customers.

Creative & innovative concept development. Iterative Design concepts through sketching, 3D modelling and prototyping.

General Expectations : GEP4

Budget and resources

Manage project & budget, manage design team, manage customer.

Decisional power

- Delegation authority : process of transferring responsibility for a task to another employee.

- Design Direction : This decisional power allows the leader to guide the creative process. It also involves making choices that balance innovation with practicality and align with the client\'s expectations.

External working relationships

- Customers

- Design Team

- Subcontractors

- Suppliers (industrial partners)

Key processes and tools

- Project management tools (Odoo, Excel)

- Competence specific tools (Solidworks, fusion 36, Keyshot, C4D, PDM)

- Project documentation tools (notion, Adobe & Figma)

Performance indicator

• Creativity & design concept: Iterate innovative design concepts that ensure the viability, feasibility and desirability of the product. Integrate industrial processes, functions and powerful aesthetics in line with the global vision.

• Collaboration: Effective communication to enhance collaboration between the different teams. Leadership in managing a diverse team.

• Customer success & communication: Bring innovative design solutions in balance with the budgets & time while respecting clients’ requirements. Demonstrate successful planning and project management skills. Indicate the capacity to navigate and overcome potential project delays.

After 3 months

• Creativity & design concept: A detailed design rationale document accompanying the concepts, explaining the creative choices, functional considerations, and alignment with project goals.

• Collaboration: An evaluation report summarizing cross-functional team dynamics, including communication channels, collaboration effectiveness, and any observed challenges.

• Customer success & Communication : An achievement report detailing the successful completion of initial project milestones outlined in the roadmap, along with any adjustments made to the plan.

Education & Languages

• 5+ years as industrial designer.

• Minimum distinctive master degree in Industrial design.

• Fluent English, (asset) Fluent in FR and/or NL


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