Senior Designer at

The Opportunity

if you want to be part of great work, if you are a skilled and open-minded designer with 3+ years of international experience.

at NVGTR. A vastly experienced product innovation & circular design studio based in Munich, that is passionate about design - creating outstanding future realities.

will work closely with all partners and within our international network; involving yourself in projects from start to finish.
As Senior Designer, you will be responsible for leading multiple projects, for the creation, development, refinement, and documentation of innovative and compelling industrial design solutions, that are in line with the design objectives and goals of NVGTR, while understanding and achieving the needs of the client on each specific project.

o Deliver design work of exceptional quality
o Co-lead multi-disciplinary project teams (internal / external)
o Hold client meetings, presentations and workshops
o Engage in growing the NVGTR ID knowhow
o Engage in applying the NVGTR processes and unique tools
o Rhino or Solidworks / Adobe Suite / Keyshot
o and all the things that you are good at and that you want to put into great work

are looking for a personalities who are exceptional and ambitious team members ready to lead the projects and themselves to new heights. We are looking for someone proven in both project leadership and design skills.
We are looking for someone who has experience in working with international clients across a variety of categories and sectors.

We are looking for YOU
if you are passionate about transportation, everyday goods and medical, transforming visions into sustainable tangible solutions.


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Email subject: "leManoosh - Senior Designer"

To: [email protected]