The Opportunity

At squadeasy we believe that tech and creativity can change people's way of working for more pleasure at what they do, more performance for companies and less impact for the planet.

We develop a B2B solution that engage everyone to into a positive loop with a magic potion made of sport, gaming and social interactions.

Squad has been founded by three Supelec & Polytechnique engineers about 5 years ago. We are now about 30 people + boogie our famous dog that successfully leads the customer support.

Squad is used by more than 300 000 people, in 96 countries & available 9 different languages.

We have more than 100 clients from small companies to big corporations such as l'Occitane Groupe, l'Oreal, Safran, AG2R La Mondiale, Malakoff Médéric Humanis....

We have recently raised over a 1.2M € from a big corporation that supports us in our growth to the next level. (And that's the reason why we need you, Einstein).

The job: you'll be in charge with everything that concerns design, from leading our UX/UI team to re-thinking Squadeasy's visual uniqueness on a corporate level.

You will work with Bart, the Product Manager to imagine & design kickass new features.

You will Lead UX research.

You will feed the team with design and gamification inspirations.

The Skills, Experience & swag required:

- You have been evolved into creative UX/UI business for at least 3 years (or you are damned talented at anything you touch).

- You are feeding your mind with youtube's fancy dancing cats video and squizz out of it great inspiration and visionary thoughts for your team.

- You are mastering all tools that designers uses to make crazy fucking cool stuff with.

- You are even more welcome if you know after effect

- You love to work with the geeks of the dev team (understanding their jokes is a plus)

And most important of all, you are a cool person.



Paris, France (75019)

Email subject: "leManoosh - SENIOR / LEAD DESIGNER"