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The Opportunity

“I’ve never found anything like it – a place where you can work with so many high-profile brands and unique products. It’s an environment where great things happen!”

Nils, Design Director

You would be at the vanguard of product design, guiding your capable and resourceful team to victory. Use your proven experience to create inventive product designs which initiate ingenious brand experiences. One day you’re working with a leading sneaker brand and the next you’re pushing the limits to create a game-changing headset. Use your adaptability, artistic mindset, and the talents of your team to always find the best solution. Grow your own skills further and mentor others to inspire and engage their full potential. Let your ideas flourish and create the designs of tomorrow.


  • Meet with your clients and experience their vision first-hand, then transform their ideas into a workable creative brief.
  • Drive design excellence by leading your project team and working hands-on with the products you create.
  • Embrace innovation and the newest trends in lifestyle, technology, and design and use your knowledge to create on-point brand experiences.
  • Build a cooperative and inspiring working environment and provide clear direction to your designers to ace projects and develop their skills.


  • Five (or more) years experience in product design.
  • An open and confidence-inspiring communication style and a team-oriented attitude to projects.
  • Extensive experience in a user-centred design approach.
  • The ability to create extraordinary user journeys and a driving passion for delivering design promises.
  • Ability to push boundaries and question the status quo, all while staying realistic and grounded.
  • A talent for directing cutting-edge design and on-point creative judgement.
  • Natural leadership skills and enthusiasm to mentor others.

Made for you? Apply now.

KISKA is an equal opportunity employer. It’s a no-brainer, but important to mention. Salary compensation is based on current market expectations, as well as your proven skills and experience. We offer competitive benefits to all our employees, from intern to director. Live with the support of our HR team and in the rich diversity and culture of our 5,900 m2 studio. Work according to your schedule with our Flexi-time policy. Play in the alpine playground on our doorstep or throw yourself into one of our social events. What are you waiting for? Your next big adventure is waiting for you.


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