Transportation Design Intern at Skibsted ideation

The Opportunity

Transportation Design Intern

The Opportunity

Skibsted ID is looking for a Transportation Design Intern
Skibsted Ideation is the design agency behind the worldwide accredited creator Jens Martin
Skibsted, founder of Biomega bikes and, along with Bjarke Ingels, co-founder of KiBiSi.
Skibsted ID is now looking for talented students, end of degree, or recently graduated
Transportation or Industrial Designers to join the team in Copenhagen’s meatpacking

As a creative young transportation designer with an eye on every detail, you will participate
exciting transportation projects. You'll be involved in all stages: from concept sketching, to
mockup building and surface modeling.

You will be required to translate research into
meaningful design propositions, building viable 3D models and presentations.
An interest in electric vehicles is a plus.
You will mainly work in Alias, Solidworks and the Adobe Suite.

A requirement for this position is to be able to handle Alias Class A Surface Modeling.

The paid internship will preferably start in spring / summer 2018 and will last for 4-6 months
(The period can be extended).


Please send a digital application with attached portfolio at: [email protected]
Further Information:



Email subject: "leManoosh - Transportation Design Intern"

To: [email protected]

How to become

a creative sketcher and sell your ideas.

Tired of unattractive sketches and your ideas are not selected?

- If you don’t know how to use your markers,

- If you don’t know how to draw nice shapes and beautiful details

- If you don’t feel creative 


Hi, this is Alex and here is an exercise and few tips that might help you.

I’ll do my best to collect and transmit the techniques that made me grow

as a designer over my last 10 years of experience.