UI Designer at KISKA

The Opportunity

“Working with a talented and international team in a thriving field creates a unique culture. You feel like you’re a part of a big, and really dynamic, family.”
Thomas, UI Designer

UI design bridges the physical and digital worlds. Adding brand into the mix creates digital prototypes, connected products and user experiences that attract attention and inspire loyalty.

To translate your ideas into code-ready design, you will:

•    Transform ideas into concepts. Convert concepts into consistent and streamlined designs.
•    Cooperate with UX designers to develop prototypes.
•    Define UI patterns and develop layouts based on the unique visual identities of our mobility and sporting goods clients.
•    Work across design disciplines to translate the essence of a brand into unforgettable experiences.

To translate a brand into an unforgettable experience, you need:
•    A BA or MA in interaction design, graphic design, digital media design or vistual arts.
•    Experience designing responsive websites and apps in collaboration with designers, developers and contractors.
•    Superior visual concept development and design skill. Experience creating development-ready assets.
•    Knowledge of technological development, the customer journey and user behaviour.
•    An organised mindset and the ability to work independently on multiple projects.


Salzburg, Austria

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