leManoosh Super UNLIMITED

Meet our annual membership that unlocks all our courses, extra community perks, and early access.

Become leManoosh SUPER UNLIMITED

Meet our annual membership that unlocks all our courses, extra community perks, and early access.

SUPER UNLIMITED will help you:

Unlock our entire catalog (worth $3,000+)

Enjoy live events, live interviews with the top players of our industry and teachers

Early access to all future courses and updates

Premium Support 24/7 (Messages, emails & calls) + Direct access to the teachers

100% satisfaction guaranteed
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leManoosh Super UNLIMITED

Meet our annual membership that unlocks all our courses, extra community perks, and early access.

Which courses can we have access to?

All of them! It is access to over 500 hours of courses which are specially made for Industrial, product design and transportation design. Skills which are tailored to your team There are 125+ creative projects to choose from! Take a full course or get experimental by dipping into individual videos.

3D / CAD Modelling

  • The Essentials of Rhino 3D For Industrial Designers
  • The Essentials of Blender for Car Designers, by Berk Kaplan
  • The Essentials Of Blender For Industrial Designers
  • The Blender Parametric Mastery
  • Autodesk Alias – Subdivision For Car Designers


  • The Essentials of Keyshot for Designers, by Sam Does Design
  • The Keyshot Material Mastery
  • Master Photorealistic Renderings & Post-Production


  • 2 Weeks to Double Your Skills, by Alex Nys
  • Become a Creative Sketcher & Sell your ideas, by Alex Nys
  • Master Markers, by Reid Schlegel
  • Car design 101, by Berk Kaplan

Digital Sketching

  • The Photoshop methods of Car Designers, by Berk Kaplan
  • The Essentials Of Photoshop For Industrial Designers
  • The Photoshop Methods For Car Designers
  • Digital Sketching For Tablets & iPads

Creativity, Portfolio & Design Process

  • Become a Creative Sketcher & Sell your ideas, by Alex Nys
  • ID Portfolio Academy


How does it work?

We keep things as simple as it can be. After your registration, we give you  specific access to the website where you can have direct access to all courses. This platform is online, and you have access to it 24 /7. The courses are accessible instantly after the payment.


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An amazing, friendly platform for Industrial Designers

Take your pick from 20+ course between rendering, 3D modelling, digital and marker sketches, and get access to all new releases and updates throughout the year. Freedom is key to creativity. Think how many cool things you could make.

20 +
Online Courses
4523 +
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Meet Your Mentors

Simon Kindler

Reid Schlegel

Leandro Trovati


Berk Kaplan


Jamie Cardo

Sam Does Design


Alex Nys

Hudson Rio

The Keyhsot Jedis

The value of community

We love connecting with our students – and the feeling seems to be mutual! We’re upping our game with events (free to members), mentorship, and more.



All you need to learn for an efficient Keyshot workflow that you will use daily as a designer later: A product hero scene, various product colors, a context scene (studio or interior).

I was very new to Keyshot before starting. I have now won Keyshot competitions and featured on sites like renderweekly.

Magdalena Karasinska
Industrial Designer
Liam de la bedoyere
Industrial Designer



The Blender tutorials are really well done with the notes, the mouse button overlay, and the workflow and explanations by the instructor! Really good job!

This email is to show that how grateful I am to have you as my mentor. I have won a few more awards in my life, but this one made me the happiest, and this won’t have been possible without your guidance.

Mathieu Pung
Industrial Designer
Bilok shankar
Industrial Designer



Such great and informative courses! Congrats to the leManoosh team for creating such quality work

All the courses are structured and well organized. This save time in my learning process, and actually put time in the practice stage. They are very informative and unique.

Rachel Mounsey
Industrial Designer
Aashvi Vegesana
Industrial Designer



I’m an industrial designer and work mainly for O’NEAL in the field of personal protective gear. First of all! Thanks for the great course, I followed every lesson with great interest! Huge benchmark that you guys at leManoosh were creating!!!

I very much liked your part in the Keyshot Material Mastery course, and it was extremely informative, I fell that I have a better command of making different materials in Keyshot now, and I am more confident with my renders.

Thomas Saier
Industrial Designer
Qais Hassan Suhail
Industrial Designer

They trust us

leManoosh Super UNLIMITED

Meet our annual membership that unlocks all our courses, extra community perks, and early access.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re excited to introduce you to Super Unlimited!

For a reduced fee of $290 USD a year (instead of $720), our membership will grant you access to our entire leManoosh online courses catalog, all future courses and extra community benefits, and access to live events with the top players and teachers of our industry

Worth more than $3000 of online courses, our yearly membership gives you more bang for your buck and the ultimate freedom to pick up new skills!

Get creative, feel supported, meet new people, and have fun learning… all-in-one.

Take a look at what the Super Unlimited has to offer…

Available on sign-up

💥 All courses from sketching to creativity, CAD to renderings, to Portfolio

💥 Early access to new features

💥 Ongoing career support and advice

💥 Immediate access to all courses (existing and future)

💥 Access to all new and updated courses, as they are published

Coming soon…

💥 Community-led initiatives like mentorships, new student onboarding sessions & group study sessions

💥 Live AMA (Ask Me Anything) events

💥 Access to course picker tool

💥 Peer mentorship scheme

💥 Partner discounts

💥 … and more!!

leManoosh provides support that actually helps: we have dedicated all our energy to help our students with hyper-specific queries.

Our courses are highly practical and centered around portfolio projects, unlike other programs that take a month or more before you make your first move. Everything we do is tailored for the use of Industrial design, usable at your desk the following day 

Another benefit is that you get to learn at your own pace!

Meet leManoosh Super Unlimited, our yearly membership that unlocks all our courses, extra community perks, early access + more.

leManoosh Super Unlimited is $290 USD a year (LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT) (or your currency’s equivalent) and is auto-renewed every year. Auto-renewing means you won’t receive multiple renewal notices (no spam!) and you’ll never miss out on Super Unlimited!

You have the option to keep your membership rolling so you can be a member for as long as you like!

Yes, you can! All you need to do is send the links to your completed projects over to [email protected] at the end of your course. We will review them, provide feedback if necessary, and then issue your Certificate(s) of Completion!

While we don’t offer free trials of the Super Unlimited, you can get the 30-day money-back guarantee

Our objectives are that you grow and feel a difference in your work quality and in your career later. 

If you are not 100% satisfied with the courses, we would not feel comfortable taking your money. It’s a win-win game where on our side, we keep pushing ourselves to deliver always better quality work.

If you are not satisfied, just email us, and we simply refund 100% of the amount – No questions asked.

Each leManoosh Super Unlimited membership is only meant to be used by the individual who originally signed up for the membership under their name and email.

Instead, if you’d like to set up multiple Super Unlimited memberships for a group of people (at a discount), please contact us: [email protected]


We create new courses and update our courses regularly to make sure we’re teaching the most up-to-date concepts, techniques, and content – in leManoosh style, of course! You’ll have access to all course updates when you have an active membership.

Whenever a new course is released or we run course updates, it will automatically appear in your library and you can follow it right away.

Yes! Of course we will be sad to see you go, but you may cancel your subscription at anytime.

Join today, Learn it all:


The Skill Booster Membership



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£240 /Year –  €280 /Year

Payments are safe and secure via Stripe and PayPal

Payments are safe and secured via Stripe & PayPal

Lifetime access & Lifetime support

30-Day money-back guarantee (No questions asked)

Assistance 24/7

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