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In 2020 Pininfarina turns 90. An important anniversary for the Company! 
But rather than looking backward at the past, Pininfarina aims to design another 90 years of the glorious future.
How do we look at the future?

Through the lens of Design.

Design has the ability to innovate continuously while enhancing the lives of people, and provide a response to a new future. Pininfarina has been doing exactly this for 9 decades and will continue to make it our mission. We would like to celebrate this anniversary with a unique initiative that will involve a community of creative young people. An international contest open to students attending a selected range of design and architecture schools and universities around the world in line with the global presence of Pininfarina.


It is clear to all that we can no longer follow the traditional techniques of considering design issues. Post-Covid19, in the new normal, design must approach the world in a new way. Successful design has always touched human emotion and ignited dreams.

Now, for the first time, design also needs to be used to awaken feelings of “support” and “protection”. We have to conceive environments where users can enjoy their own safe private space without feeling isolated from the human connections that they naturally crave. The greatest change of the future is that design can no longer just stimulate people’s feelings but must respond to their feelings and adjust the design of whole environments based on how people are feeling at any given moment.

That is why we invite you to “reset”: stop and re-think. In a nutshell, find a new way of considering design in the future.

When we dream of a better world to live in, we think of a world that is more aesthetically beautiful and friendlier, but also – and above all – safer, more functional, simpler, more relevant and personalised, in which all our experiences are unique, smooth and fulfilling. In a word, smarter.

“Smart” is now a marketing buzzword. If a product, a service or a place is “smart,” the implication is that it will make life better for the user than its counterpart will.

Means of transportation, objects and spaces, like retail and work spaces, are about to become alive and interactive, capable of detecting, identifying and reacting to user presence, delivering contextual and personalised content and services on smartphones and other connected devices. In this hyperconnected scenario, user centrality is more important than ever: being able to follow and support people everywhere continuously and consistently will be a crucial success factor for the next generation of design solutions.

We would love you to join this Anniversary Contest, reimagining tomorrow’s experiences thus giving your contribution to designing a new world. What are the smarter ways for moving and living? What will your answer be?


The winner of each category, selected from a list of finalists, will be awarded a 6-month Internship at Pininfarina’s design studios in Torino, Miami and Shanghai, depending on the type of project.

The Contest also includes:

Special Chairman Award for the work that has reserved a special attention to the Pininfarina values.


All entries must be uploaded to the appropriate section above strictly by 23:59 CET on 31 March 2021.

Any entries received after this date will not be considered.

Good luck to everyone. You are the best!

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