Polestar contest – The Shortlisted concepts!

Announcing the shortlisted concepts of the Polestar contest

By me (Alex - leManoosh)

Hello everyone,

I mention last time that we’d try to follow up with the winners of the Polestar contest. And here we are!  

Below are the listing of all the Polestar shortlisted moving into the final stage. They went from 25 to 12. What will be next? Out of these 12, 2 of them will be selected, and a 1/5 model will be created for both winning concepts.

So here is my question: Which one do you see winning the contest? Which one is your favourite?

– Aldo H. Schurmann

– Ankit Ukil

– Arthur Martins

– Franklin Guo

– Konrad Cholewka

–  Lennart Frank

– Madhav Dua

– Matthias M_Stu


Sang Wong Lee

– Siddhesh bhogale

– Vivek Marethe

– Yash Vardhan Bhatter

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