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Sketch Off – The Report

On the 4th of October happened:
SKETCH OFF – Battle of the grads
The first Live Sketching Battle in London.

8 competitors
> Francisco Rojas Miranda – Royal College of Art
> Tom Anderson – Loughborough University
> Daniel Wyrobal – University of Applied Arts Vienna
> John Glynn – National College of Art and Design
> Emilios Farrington-Arnas – Brunel University
> Joseph Weaver – University of the West of England
> Élodie Soler – Royal College of Arts
> Fraser Leid – University of Hertfordshire

4 rounds of 20 min
1 – Free shape, draw what you want
2 – Design a speaker or a camera based on brand mood-boards
3 – Draw a plunger for Joseph Joseph
4 – Draw a wearable based on mood-bards

And we were allowed to draw on the walls…

4 Judges
SeymourPowell (Nick sandham & Richard Seale)
Joseph Joseph (Antony Joseph)
Tangerine (Dan Flashman)
Tej Chauhan (Tej Chauhan)

1 Winner
John Glynn who came down all the way from Ireland for this event and won the prize of an internship at SeymourPowell.

Thank you to all the participants, schools and those who came to support the sketchers.

I wanted to say thank you to all of you. I really appreciated the efforts you guys did to register and come over to the event, I know it was very stressful to be sketching in front of so many people and all the briefs were also quite challenging (especially the plunger…).

It matters a lot when we hire people to realise that they do more than the typical “this is my portfolio”. Having participated in this competition will tell a lot about you and it will make a difference in your next interviews. So please even if you did not make it to the last stage, use this experience in a positive way by showing to your next interviewer that you can go the extra mile.

Alex from leManoosh


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