The Winners of the Polestar Design Contest

The Winners of the Polestar Contest

By Alex (leManoosh)

There is a time for everything and today is the time to announce the names of those who have won the Polestar contest. And also release an awesome video of the contest story from the Polestar team.

There’s been over a hundred submissions and 3 rounds of improvements. At each round, Polestar narrowed down the concept selection, and we finally have 2 winners and one honourable mention.

See below and let us know what you think in the comments below.


1 - Siddhesh - Student category

Winning entries

First sketches

CAD designs

2 - Konrad - Professional

Winning entries

First sketches

CAD designs

3 - Arthur - Honourable mention

Winning entries

CAD designs

And now... what work and dedication can do...

The beauty of participating in this type of contest is of course the practice and learning which you will do along the journey. It helps you refine your skills as being good is a matter of practising over and over. In this case, these 3 winners get the ultimate gift with these amazingly beautiful mock-ups of their work. I can’t congratulate you more. Seeing this is amazing and I know how this feels for a designer to see his work becoming real. Bravo!

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