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The Blender Parametric Texture Mastery is now enrolling! A complete guide to be proficient and never limited when it comes to fading patterns, ventilation holes, flowing speaker grids, advanced and organic textures.

dreams • design + life Redondo Beach, California USA

dreams • design + life delivers design and innovation services using a human-centered approach. We introduce 1. Strategic Design to accelerate our client partners’ growth ambitions, and 2. Industrial...

BDCI Seoul Republic of Korea

BDCI is an industrial design studio located in Seoul, South Korea. BDCI design innovative & unique object that connect the digital and physical worlds. The Studio is deeply interested in design and ex... Gdansk Poland

EVERYDAY IS A SOLUTION DAY. Rooted in engineering and meaning-driven innovation, aleto industrial design consultancy drives impact through technology and people-centred design. Founded by an ex-Dyson...


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Here are few tips that might help you. In these videos, I help you by showing you some of the techniques that made me grow as a designer over the last 10 years of experience.

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