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3D modelling and rendering is more than just tools and materials. This leManoosh Essential focuses on the professional Industrial Design use & everything which is useful tomorrow at our desks. The workflows, techniques, speed, organization or simply learning from Odilon's experience at Koenigsegg, not only allow us to create models at competitive speed, but also help us keep our heads clear. Registration Is Open This Week!

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Create organic models using SubD. Quickly shape your concepts and adjust their geometries by moving, distorting, or pulling their forms. The major advantage of this new organic modelling approach is that it maintains Rhino's precision while enabling your design to be converted into NURBS. This means you can manipulate it like in Blender but export it for production. It's like magic!

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FORMLAB Most Pri Bratislave Slovakia

For 10 years, FORMLAB specializes in high-quality prototyping, innovative production, short-run manufacturing, and R&D. From full-size mockups and prototypes to small scale models. Located in cent...

Wacaco Company Limited Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong

WACACO Company LTD was co-founded in 2013 by Hugo Cailleton and quickly became one of the leading manufacturers of portable coffee and espresso makers worldwide. The brand is an advocate for breaking...

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Duterque Studio London United Kingdom

Design and prototyping agency We specialise in conception and fabrication of object. Using high accuracy prototyping tools such as CNC machining of metal parts and Laser cutting for both low and large...


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Here are few tips that might help you. In these videos, I help you by showing you some of the techniques that made me grow as a designer over the last 10 years of experience.

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