Project Coordinator, Print & Web at KISKA

The Opportunity

“There’s something really satisfying about controlling the creative chaos of a complex project and shaping it all into something that astounds your client.”
Doris, project coordinator

 Project coordination is an art form in its own right – and this is a position for a master. In this role, you will flex your creative muscle and own your own print and web projects by acting as the communication and planning hub between our creative team and our clients across the world. If you’re a skilled project coordinator looking for a chance to expand your horizons (creatively and globally) this is an ideal step in your career.

Your sole purpose? To keep your projects on track. That means you will support the creative team in all organizational matters relating to scheduling, setting milestones, budgeting, supplier relations and resource booking. You’ll also be looking ahead, identifying and solving contradictions, overbookings, misunderstandings and all of the other fun challenges that come up during complex projects!

To keep our print and web projects on-track, you’ll need:

  • First-hand project coordination experience and a passion for web and print design.
  • Excellent communication skills, the ability to improvise solutions, and a strong commitment to providing outstanding client service.
  • A self-starter mentality and desire to initiate your own tasks.
  • German fluency and very good English skills.

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Salzburg, Austria

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