Lead Exterior Designer at
Nissan Motor Corporation

The Opportunity

Within this role NDE / IDL’s Senior Designer will provide creative and innovative exterior and interior designs that reflects the requirements and expectations of the Company product planning brief. You will be responsible for leading specific projects and effectively communicating all Design, Product Planning and Engineering requirements to the team, in line with the master schedule. Overall, this role provides essential support to the Design Manager & Design Director in line with the expectations of the planning brief whilst acting as a mentor to other designers

Main Responsibilities

- Manage design projects creatively and efficiently in line with the master schedule.
- Provide trend boards, concept sketches and final illustrations to management and support staff
- Take full responsibility for achieving design excellence and quality of physical and digital deliverables in all phases of design projects with allocated resources, as well as achieving all project milestones (internal and external) on time.
- Oversee and participate in the modelling activity, via manual Clay or - Digital 3D CAD and other software systems, pending the model phase completion.
- Clarify action and/or negotiate engineering feedback based on product feasibility studies.
- Overall, be a leader in a design development and project management.

Key Tasks Defined

- Participate in multiple design projects
- Engage in peer mentoring to maximize the creativity and efficiency of the design team.
- Create and prepare drawings using manual and digital techniques
- Lead technical and styling reviews
- Lead and manage operational resources in order to optimize creative output in an efficient and effective manner.
- Develop internal schedule and methods for DD approval, defining work schedule, internal reviews and their objectives, to achieve external milestones on the master schedule as defined by DPM.
- Develop internal schedule to optimize/maximize the efficiency of the process.
- Prepare and present design proposals to the DD of assigned project(s).
- Keep DD informed of the status of the assigned projects, including any issues that may arise.
- Engage in Nissan cross-functional communications, internally and externally, to increase benefit to projects and the company.

Skills and Attributes Required

- Creative and innovative, with a proactive approach in terms of design and process
- Drawing skills, including manual and digital techniques with an understanding of perspective and technical drawings
- Confident active understanding of form/sculpture practices
- Experience of modelling techniques
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
- Good Leadership skills with the ability to work well within a team
- Knowledge of Project Management best practice
- An ability to catch and implement the change of society’s needs for the automotive industries

Qualifications or Knowledge Required

- A degree in Automotive Design or equivalent is essential
Automotive Technical Knowledge
- An understanding of product materials and social and product trend knowledge


- Solid experience in design studio environment is essential

This is not an exhaustive list and you are required to be flexible in your approach to carrying out your duties which may change from time to time to reflect changes in the Company’s approach to a culture of continuous improvement.


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