The Opportunity

Mondraker is consolidated in more than 40 countries where they are present as a racing DNA brand, which bets on people to offer the best possible product to all those riders who want to overcome their limits.

For that matter and in this occasion, we need to add a product design engineer who will reinforce the processes of product creation from the initial concept to the final product.

You will not be alone, you will be part of a team of designers, product managers & engineers in which you will be working in a collaborative way to obtain the best results.

Thanks to our flexibility and structure you will notice how all ideas are kept into consideration in the decision making.

Your main collaborator will be the person in charge of engineering, and you will both report to the Global Product Manager.

The most important tasks for this position, would be:

  • Design (development) & engineering of bikes and components, from the concept phase to the final piece.
  • Design and development of the kinematics of a bike.
  • Design and development of the different components and assembly which make up the Project, including plastics, hydroforming, forging and composites.
  • Creation & modification of 3d models with a high level of detail (solid & surfaces).
  • 2d technical documentation creation associated to the project (planes, list of materials, exploded perspectives, etc..).
  • Direct contact with suppliers (local & international), for a proper development of the project, feasibility, and meeting of deadlines.
  • Participation in the concept phase and definition of new projects and advise the team about its technical viability.


The main technical competences that the candidate should have are:

  • Min. 2 years’ experience in a position with similar characteristics within the bike sector.
  • Expert knowledge in the handling of 3D CAD with complex surfaces, solids and assemblies. (Preferably in solidworks and handling of SubD modelling will be taken into account as a plus)
  • PLM software handling (preferably 3D experience).
  • Knowledge on the different industrial processes and their limitations. (Aluminum, fiber carbon, plastics...).

And we also need him to keep to the following points:

  • Teamwork capability, motivated and with problem resolving skills, to have a great sensitivity for design and a high attention to detail.
  • Being able to work in projects in which the initial requirements have changed and still meet the deadlines.
  • Being passionate for mountain bikes.

A portfolio is indispensable, and a CAD test will be done.


Elche, Alicante, Spain google maps

Please mention leManoosh

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