Senior Designer, Design Development at SONOS

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Sonos is company of music lovers committed to one mission:

Filling Every Home With Music.

Are you a music lover? A passionate person who values contributing to a respectful creative culture where you can thrive, and do the best work of your life together with an equally passionate, diverse, & talented multidisciplinary team?

SONOS is looking for people who want to join us in pursuing our mission.


The role of a Senior Designer in Design Development at Sonos requires balancing a deep sense of collaboration & communication, with an eye for design details, quality, and a desire to deliver the ‘right product’. This comes through working together with Design Management, Design Leads, and cross-functional engineering teams. In doing this designers at Sonos are expected to embrace the company design team behaviors of Trust, Debate, and Accountability.

The Senior Designer in Design Development is expected to collaborate with team members within the design team to help deliver the highest quality design possible. The role fundamentally provides 3D modeling expertise to help build, refine, and communicate great design solutions that uphold or improve the industrial design intent, and can work effectively with engineering needs. But the role is not limited to this. An excellent candidate should also be ready to contribute to early concept exploration, visualization, and presentations when needed. They will also be involved in defining, refining, and implementing best practices & process within design, and with partner teams in Engineering & Manufacturing. The aim of this is to maintain design quality throughout the product development process. Design Development is committed to delivering design for public launch that clearly reflects the original ideals of the design intent.

The Senior Designer in Design Development will work across multiple programs to support the resolution of design intent from front-end exploration through detailed development. The ability to effectively liaise with engineering development teams, and navigate production challenges is a requirement. A full list of technical skills and requirements follows.


The Senior Designer in Design Development must demonstrate proven ability in 3 core areas:

Aesthetic Sensitivity: To interpret design intent in a way that expresses a high level of understanding of form, function, visual composition, and conceptual integrity. Candidates must demonstrate the ability to maintain aesthetic sensitivity from concept to manufacture without loosing the spirit of the original design intent.

Design Quality: Create and evolve 3D design models, and data that reflect the highest level of design quality, consistency, and can be easily used & referenced by both other design team members, and the various engineering & other cross-functional teams involved.

Communication & Organization Skills: A candidate should have experience in navigating a full product development process, and in interacting with 3rd party vendors. Drawing on this experience, effective communication skills must be employed throughout the development process, and all design data will need to be well organized, maintained, tracked, and made easily accessible to team members.


Surfacing/Visualization Skills

• Ability to develop and resolve design concepts through hand sketches, mock-ups, and models; from 3D prints to full appearance models to early prototypes.

• Expert level knowledge of a 3D modeling software package(s) such as Siemens NX, Catia, SolidWorks, Rhino, Alias, and etc. is needed. In Design Development at Sonos we use Siemens NX – if needed - we will train the right candidate in this package.

• Ability to use a 3D rendering program – like Keyshot or similar.

• Proficiency in the use of 2D design software such as Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop.

Presentation & communication software

• Proficient in either MS PowerPoint or Keynote (or other similar presentation tools)

Color, Material and Finish knowledge

• Sensitivity with regards to colors, materials and finishes in terms of aesthetic and functional relevance to design solutions

• A high level of knowledge and interest in best practice for product development, manufacturing techniques, and fabrication trends for consumer electronics is a requirement.

Language and Communication Skills  

• A good command of English is important for this position; a second language will be regarded as a plus.

• The ability to present projects to work partners in a clear and concise manner


• A Bachelor of Arts or Science in the field of Industrial Design or A Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

• A minimum 5-10 years of professional experience in a corporate or consulting design environment

• Experience in designing, developing, and shipping products for worldwide markets with a particular focus on the area of consumer electronics and domestic appliances




Santa Barbara, CA, USA

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